PlayStation Plus 12 Maanden - PSN PlayStation Network Kaart (NL)

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PlayStation Plus 12 Maanden - PSN PlayStation Network Kaart (NL)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (NL) extension provides you with a PS Plus membership that will last for an entire 12-months period! What does it mean? It means that a single purchase will grant you access to every feature on the PlayStation Network, it will also provide you with tons of member-exclusive benefits for a well-rounded, full-scale gaming experience. The yearly subscription is also the cheapest way (price per day) to capitalize on the full platform’s potential.


By becoming one of the members you’ll instantly get access to two free games every month! The monthly game service offers two awesome games for every PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days holder, and if you’ll count the total membership’s duration, that’s 24 games for you to experience all throughout the year! This factor alone could serve as enough of a reason to participate, however, there’s more!


With a bunch of free games in your library, you will certainly won’t feel the lack of solo entertainment, though, gaming is not always about the single-player experience. And that’s why with the PS Plus subscription, you’ll be able to bring your gameplay experience online! Join the multiplayer matchmaking on any of your owned games, compete, progress, and test your skills against millions of players worldwide!


Buy PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days extension to benefit from your other purchases even more! The PS Store offers tons of member-exclusive discounts that are sure to surprise you! Over a 12 months period, you are sure to buy at least a few awesome games, why not save a pretty penny while you’re at it as well?! Join the PS Plus subscription and enhance your gaming experience tenfold!

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